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Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the policy to me.


What I do

I help people gain the peace of mind that comes from useful insurance. Protect your family and livelihood with protection against the unexpected.

Homeowners Insurance

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Auto Insurance

Contact us for your auto insurance needs. Whether your kids are just staring out as drivers or you have 60 years of driving experience, we can create a policy for whatever you drive and how you much you drive. Let Haase insurance create a policy that fits you!

Farm Insurance

Crop insurance

The nature of agriculture is that the whole year comes down to harvest. I get that. At Haase insurance, we understand the unique situation many of our local farmers are in. I will help you chose the policy that is right for you. We’ll keep your family stable in any situation.

Buildings and Structures

In many cases, the buildings and structures on a farm are decades or even a century old. However, if well maintained, they remain very useful. Loss of such structures would require replacement – an expensive proposition. Talk to us today to see about protecting against such loss.

Personal property & Equipment

Farm equipment is expensive! A single combine and header can cost more than most single family homes. Repairs are a reality, but catastrophic loss could be crippling to a farm operation. A policy to cover such loss is the peace of mind you need. This type of insurance may also be able to cover your livestock against loss.

And more...

Farm liability and other forms of insurance are also available. If you have a concern let us know, and in most cases, we’ll find a policy to cover it!

Why Choose Me

Serving Local

I have lived in Lincoln County my entire life and I deeply understand the needs of our local population. From car insurance to farm insurance – I can help. Reach out today and let me know.


Whether needing a quote or in a loss situation, I work fast!

Hard Working

I work hard to make your home, car, or business safe


I have offices in Harrington and Odessa. Hours vary.


What My Clients Say

Cindy found the right policy for our operation. I got quotes from larger companies, but they just didn't understnad the nature of our busines. Hasse insurance gets two big thumbs up!"
Amanda Lee
I love that Cindy is local. When I wanted to add my daughter to our auto policy, I just called Cindy's office, and that was it. No button pushing, no 10,000 menus.. So great!
Adam Cheise
Our home is well over a century old. Some of the big companies couldn't help us. I'm so glad we learned about Haase Insurance. Working with Cindy was so easy. Very happy we made the call.
Catherine Gilbert
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